Alarm Lock



Security Pad Lock with Smart Alarm Motion Sensor


The Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock.

Resistant to corrosion, bad weather, physical destroy & Waterproof.

Color: Black

Size: 4(H) x 10(L) x 8(W)cm

Innovation keeps you ahead of the curve. Henceits new Smart Alarm Motion Sensor Padlock. This padlock alarm has 110 DB Siren & has zinc alloy body with chrome plated finish. It is suitable for all weather conditions. The Padlock alarms when tampered and it cleverly adopts an ultra-sensitive mode after the first alarm in case the intruder returns. One can use the padlock with activated alarm mode or without alarm. It gives the thieves a good scare with this alarm. This high security design is rainproof, rust proof & weatherproof, is also corrosion resistant with hardened alloy body. The alarm resets automatically. It is powered by 3 x button batteries (AG13 included), it has battery replacement option and the batteries are sealed in tamper-proof compartment which can only be accessed when lock is open. This padlock alarm has two settings - active alarm and inactive alarm. It is ideal for garden sheds and houses, garages, caravans, bicycles, gates etc. Keep your bike, garage door, garden shed, side gate, tool box or locker, or anything you desire secure with this Heavy Duty 110dB Siren Alarm Padlock. This innovative U lock comes equipped with two settings, armed and unarmed, so you can be alerted by a 105 - 110 db alarm when the lock is tampered with, basically, double the protection. The Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock has a body made of extra strong cast steel, high-grade steel shackle. It is resistant to corrosion, bad weather, physical destroy & Waterproof.

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